Doreen Milano CPC Bio

Doreen Milano has a calling, to help businesses thrive. Believing that healthy businesses support strong communities and build leaders, Doreen has devoted her career to building profitable businesses. Doreen learned entrepreneurship in her family businesses. Her grandparents, Great-grandparents, aunts and uncles were all business owners. From Nursery owners, Contactors, Realtors, Civil Engineers, Dealership Franchise owners to hoteliers and investors.

At the age of 18 Doreen was running 3 of the family corporations. As Doreen moved from family business to local businesses, her experience of getting results in family business is a benefit.  

Doreen has specialized in moving businesses from losing money to profitability in the shortest amount of time possible based on the specific challenges each business faced. 
She was integral in assisting businesses of many sizes from small micro businesses to divisions in fortune 500 enterprises. 

Doreen Founded Visions to Excellence in 2010 from the idea that Small Business is the nucleus of our communities. Having family-owned businesses thrive is the greatest boon to rebuilding any community, town or neighborhood. 

Since 2010 Doreen had helped hundreds of companies grow and thrive. 

Healthy businesses with happy employees and happy clients build healthy communities!

Work with Doreen to build your Strategies for your Teams, Leaders, Profit Centers, Infrastructure, and Culture!


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