Doreen Milano started her corporate career making a difference for businesses in trouble and turning them around into profit centers. The reward was after months, weeks, days, and hours of intense labor for my team it was very rewarding when the profitability bar moved into the positive. Doreen learned many things, the most significant of which is Good Intentions are NOT more powerful than Bad Habits. Doreen Milano became a Certified Executive Business Coach/ Strategist to support business owners and executives. Facing the reality of a tactical mindset within business today, much of which has no strategic foundation or cultural buy-in, Doreen works to connect the dots for owners and leadership teams. Since walking away from her corporate job, Doreen has worked with hundreds of companies keeping them focused on mindset – culture - people - profits. Her vast knowledge of working with businesses, supporting change in the right way, she sums up like this: “The magic for any business can be uncovered within the people, the customers, the vendors and the workforce.” Coach Doreen works with Service focused business owners and helps with strategic planning and profit focus. Coach Doreen is committed to educating, building, and challenging people to rise to their best selves and make a positive impact on the bottom line! Profitable Healthy Businesses support Healthier Communities

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